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Why Custom Publish?


To build a deeper relationship with your customers or client base.

To increase revenues from existing clients.

To build new business.

To change the behaviour of your customers to your selected goals.

Custom Publishing is the perfect way to deliver your highly targeted message to a specific audience. Through branded editorial content, your clients will receive educational information about your product while building your brand image. Custom-published publications enhance your image with customers, prospective clients, employees, shareholders, and any other audience your business targets.

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Is Custom Publishing Effective?

According to study after study, Custom Published material is a highly effective way of reaching an audience.


Readership of Custom Publications:

  • Read on a regular basis 76% – 90%

  • Content is informative 80% – 91%

  • Read more than half the publication 68% – 91%

  • Keep for future reference 27% – 47%

Will you ever purchase or use any product/service from a company after seeing/hearing it advertised:

  • In a customer magazine 51%

  • In a retail customer magazine 65%

  • In a direct mail piece 38%

  • In a newspaper or magazine 28%

  • On TV 25%

  • On posters 16%

Source: 2003 Millward Brown Custom Study for APA

Do Custom Publications have an effect on brand image?

  • 80% of consumers say a custom publication fits in with the way they think about the company

  • 66% of consumers think custom publications demonstrate the company understands their needs and interests

Consumers who read custom publications:

  • 93% believe the company has a good reputation

  • 86% believe the company looks after its customers

  • 86% believe the company strives to meet their needs

  • 89% believe the company can be trusted

Do Custom Publications impact consumer behavior?

  • 57% of consumers have purchased a product or service from a company as a direct result of reading its customer magazine

  • 40% of consumers are more likely to go on using the company, or to select it for another purchase in the future

  • 78% of consumers think a custom magazine is a better way for a company to communicate its products or services than other media

Source: 2003 Millward Brown Custom Study for APA

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