Success Over 50 Success Over 50
What is Success Over 50? click here for Program Outline

We developed a system that covers every topic of successful pre-retirement planning—clearly and simply.

This program is a one year home-study program, which can be delivered in monthly installments. It will include:

Success Over 50—Program Outline

Success Over 50
The Basics: Eight Steps to Financial Security
Powerful Tax Reduction Strategies
A New Lifestyle: Leisure Learning and Second Careers
  Investing Mortgages & Annuities
Boosting Your Net Income with Tax Shelters
Sunbelt Retirement
Making Your Money Work for You
Your Retirement Income: Pensions & RRSPs
Fitness After 50: The Fundamentals
  The Fundamentals of Investing in Real Estate
Exotic Retirement Real Estate: Is It for You?
Your Housing Options
How to Deal Effectively with Banks and Financial Institutions
Forecasting and Improving Your Financial Future
Stress and How to Manage It
  Working Your Way Through the Health Care
& Government Maze
Surviving a Financial Crisis:
Investing When the Going Gets Rough
Making Relationships Work
The Best and Most Secure Investments for You
Putting a Price Tag on Your Retirement Dreams
Living Longer & Better: The New Facts
  Protecting What You Have: Estate Planning
Travel Economics: Planning Successful Trips
Sex and Aging: Maintaining Your Sexuality
The Delicate Balance: Spending and Saving
Mutual Funds: Building Your Retirement Portfolio
Practical Nutrition: Eating Right to Feel Your Best
  Avoiding Financial Frauds, Scams & Rip-offs
Insurance: Determining Your Changing needs
How to Assess Second Career Opportunities
Effective Tax Strategies for Special Situations
How to Choose Winning Stocks & Bonds
Fitness after 50: Your Lifelong Program
  Financial Planning for the Single Survivor
Your Long Term Strategy for Financial Independence
Your Personal Action Plan: Putting It All Together